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Do you want to rent out your house in Harlem to tourists? The city of Haarlem is becoming increasingly popular among holidaymakers when it comes to renting a house. With Beheer Mijn Huis you are in the right place if you want to rent out your house in Harlem. We know exactly how we can successfully rent out their property for our clients. Take advantage of our services so you do not have to worry about, because we guide you throughout the entire process.

Working method for renting your house in Harlem

Do you want to rent out your house in Harlem to tourists via Beheer Mijn Huis? Then we proceed as follows. We use our own online platform, Welcome Back, to present your house as good as possible. We make professional photos and put together a virtual reality tour. With all these kinds of tools, we can more easily attract potential tourists for private rental in Harlem. Then we will present your home broadly. We have access to more than 20 holiday platforms and we also ensure that we optimize the renting price for your home. This way you can be sure that you get the maximum return from renting your home in Harlem. We also take care of the final cleaning of your house when the tourists are back home.

Can I rent out my house in Harlem?

It is of course useful to know if you can rent out your house in Harlem. In terms of regulations Harlem follows the city of Amsterdam. In short, it means that you can rent out a property in Harlem for a maximum of two months, subject to permission (if applicable) from the Association of Owners (VVE). You also have to pay tourist tax and it is of course not allowed to cause inconvenience. Do you want to rent out your house professionally? Then there are also possibilities to make your house a bed & breakfast. It is important to consult the zoning plan of the neighborhood where your home is located. Beheer Mijn Huis is at your service in all these kinds of business.

Also choose for Beheer Mijn Huis and rent out your property in Harlem to tourists in a carefree way. We make every effort to find candidates for your home as quickly as possible. Does this form of private home rental in Harlem look like something or do you want more information? Then contact us.

Bed & Breakfast rules Harlem

If you apply for a bed & breakfast permit, then you do not have to stick to those 60 days. You may rent a part of your home in Amsterdam to tourists all year round. However, there are a number of additional rules that we are fully aware of. For example, you may not rent out more than 40% of the total surface of your home in Harlem and it can not be an independent living space.

Would you like to know how much you can earn with your apartment?


If you are going to rent out your house in Harlem to tourists via Beheer Mijn Huis, we will proceed as follows. We know how important it is to give your house a nice presentation. We use our own online platform for that: Welcome Back. With the help of professional photos and a virtual reality tour, you have important tools in place to convince potential tourists about private home rentals in Harlem.

Now it is important to also present your home broadly. We therefore have access to more than 20 holiday platforms and use handy software to optimize the rental price. So you never miss a high season or event.

After a booking we immediately synchronize all prices and calendars which minimizes the chance of overbooking.

What do we do?

We take care of the overall course of vacation lease from start to end. We make accounts on several booking platforms, write ads, and have professional photos taken. During a personal check-in, we welcome the guests and give a tour around the property. After the stay, it gets thoroughly cleaned again.


For vacation rentals, we carefully screen the tourist. We determine the required profile together so as to find the most suitable candidates. A proper selection is essential for a wonderful lease experience for you and your neighbours.

Examples of possible selection profiles: only couples aged 30+, only 1 family with a maximum of 2 children older than 10.


After every check-out, the property is cleaned thoroughly and professionally. Beheer Mijn Huis supplies its own hotel-quality linens. After every cleaning, we make a photo series that you can see on your own page. In this way, you can check up on your house from afar.

Click for an example.


If you want to rent your house in Haarlem, we will help you on all fronts. For example, we do not rent your house just to any interested person. We carefully screen the tourist and together with you determine the desired profile of him or her. This ensures a pleasant rental experience: for your guests, for yourself and for your neighbors, for example. In terms of selection profiles, you can think of things like: only older than 30 years, no groups of friends or preferably a family with a maximum of 2 children over 10 years old. Your wishes are our starting point.

The final cleaning and linen are also provided by us. We do the cleaning thoroughly and the bed linen is of hotel quality. In addition, we take photos after the rental, so you can see from a distance on your own page how neat your house looks again.

Also choose for Beheer Mijn Huis and choose a carefree way to rent out your home in Haarlem to tourists. We do everything we can to find suitable vacationers for you as quickly as possible. Does this form of private home rental in Amsterdam seem like something to you? Then contact us and make an appointment.

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