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The success of renting out strongly depends on the presentation of your property. Every property gets its own page on our Welcome Back platform. This page has a number of functions, including a virtual reality tour, a picture upload tool, links to all platforms on which the property is presented, and a communication field where all communication from the beginning of the cooperation is presented.

Virtual tour
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Rent for a longer time


Renting to an expat (or permanently) can deliver a good profit, but there are also a couple of points that need to be carefully considered before you go down this path.

Beheer Mijn Huis is up to speed with regard to legislation about renting and has a years-long experience in this field. We have supported many owners with renting their properties in the past 2 years.

Beheer Mijn Huis has an extensive expat network and we are – among others – partner of Pararius and Funda. Furthermore, we present our portfolio on

Large network

We are partners with Pararius and Funda.

Furthermore, we have access to a broad expat network and have our own platform for supporting expats.

Personal contact

Whether it’s answering the first request, guiding a viewing, or finishing up a contract, everything revolves around communication in rentals.

We are very well aware of that and make sure to diligently follow up on appointments and remain easily reachable.


Especially in the large cities in the Netherlands, there are specific rules about what may and may not be done.

Beheer Mijn Huis is up to speed and will gladly advise you about this.


No cure no pay

When we get the exclusive management of a property, we send a bill only after the successful rental of the property. If we do not find a tenant or the party found is not considered suitable by you, we will not charge at all.

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