Renting to tourists

Renting to tourists in The Netherlands is becoming more and more popular and as such the competition is getting stronger. If you want to make a good profit (or keep making it), you must present the property well on many platforms and attentively support your guests. This is quite a taxing task that cannot always be combined with other passions or work.

This is exactly the moment you need us. Our large team can work all day (7 days per week, 365 days per year) in order to optimize the rental of your property.

Making use of our customer service, which advises tourists all day long and supports during check-in, gives the owner peace of mind.

Another not unimportant point is that, by allowing your property to be passively managed, you can get taxed for the incomes in box 3. This is of significant benefit with regard to profitability. We already have a package for 12,5% that makes this possible. Passive management is a prerequisite of Dutch tax law in order to be eligible for “savings and investments”. Therefore, Box 3.

The core philosophy behind Beheer Mijn Huis

What we have noticed through the years is that successful renting begins with representing your property nicely. For this reason, we will create an entire page on Welcome Back in order to present the property in the best possible way. Professional photographs and a Virtual Reality Tour are important tools for convincing guests to choose your property over others.

After this, the property must be presented as broadly as possible and the prices must be optimised. We have access to more than 20 vacation platforms and optimise the prices with software through which we never miss a high season (or event). We synchronise all prices and calendars directly after a reservation. This ensures a minimal chance of overbooking.

Our customer service is reachable 7 days per week from 10:00 to 19:00 and reacts immediately to new booking requests. Our team speaks Spanish, French, German, and English.


We take care of the overall course of vacation lease from start to end. We make accounts on several booking platforms, write ads, and have professional photos taken. During a personal check-in, we welcome the guests and give a tour around the property. After the stay, it gets thoroughly cleaned again.


For vacation rentals, we carefully screen the tourist. We determine the required profile together so as to find the most suitable candidates. A proper selection is essential for a wonderful lease experience for you and your neighbours.

Examples of possible selection profiles: only couples aged 30+, only 1 family with a maximum of 2 children older than 10.


After every check-out, the property is cleaned thoroughly and professionally. Beheer Mijn Huis supplies its own hotel-quality linens. After every cleaning, we make a photo series that you can see on your own page. In this way, you can check up on your house from afar.

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Vacation rentals and VAT

If you rent your property for vacation leases (if you offer lodging), you are required to declare 6% VAT. Whether the rental is permanent or temporary does not matter. Nor does whether you rent your whole property or a part thereof (such as in a B&B). Check the overview of lodging provision and 6% VAT.

The good news is that often in practice, no VAT has to be paid thanks to the KOR (Arrangement for Small Businesses). Up to a VAT sum of €1345, you can definitely make use of the arrangement. This corresponds to a revenue of €22416.

Click for information from the Tax and Customs Administration about the small business arrangement.


FAQ Vakantieverhuur

Er zijn veel onderwerpen waar we je graag over informeren die niet allemaal op deze pagina passen. Kijk bij de FAQ pagina om alles te weten te komen over vakantieverhuur. Staat jouw vraag er niet tussen? Neem dan contact op, dan zoeken we het graag voor je uit.

Vacation rentals and income tax

The choice of taxation box for rental incomes is less clear than the matter of VAT. A number of clear cases:

  • The rent revenue of a second property (where you are not registered) gets taxed in box 3, as do recreational properties.
  • In temporary renting, 70% of the rent revenue is always taxed in box 1.
  • In partial renting of one’s own property, the rented part can be taxed in box 3, but you may not apply any mortgage deduction on that part.
  • It is important for box 3 that passive management applies. This means, among other things, that you cannot make use of your own website or marketing.

Check for information from the Tax and Customs Administration about renting your property.

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