Renting to tourists?

Rent your house to tourists and save money. Beheer Mijn Huis takes care of the bookings and management so that you can enjoy your vacation without a care. We manage houses across the Netherlands and abroad.

Renting to expats or permanently?

Do you want to rent your house permanently or to an expat? We’ll gladly take the whole affair out of your hands. We are partners with ParariusFunda and connected expat sites. Through our years of experience, we can achieve optimal profitability.

Higher profits through combinations

Sometimes, higher profits can be made by combining rentals to tourists and expats. With our systems, we can easily switch between short- and long-term lease.

                           How we work (vacation rentals)                                                 How we work (expat rentals)




We manage many locations within the country and abroad.

Manage My House is responsible for managing approximately 130 houses within the country and abroad. This varies from houses that we manage for a number of weeks to properties that are leased full-time. The complete catalogue can be seen on our platform.

Our team consists of some 25 people, spread across Amsterdam, Haarlem and Zandvoort.

Since 2016, we’ve been located in a nice new building in Amsterdam West on Eerste Keucheniusstraat 3.

Come by anytime.

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